We have the winemaker’s best interests at heart. Our love of wine has taken us around the country to so many independent wineries; we’ve been blown away by the quality of wine we’ve tasted, as well as the open hearts that we’ve come across at the cellar doors. Along the way, we’ve learnt about the challenges that independent Australian winemakers face; from not having resources to market their wine to not having control over what wine they sell and at what price.

We quickly learnt how tough the wine industry is for many boutique wineries, so we’ve made it our mission to find a way for wineries to take back control from large retailers; to sell more wine, at their chosen price, to a wider audience.

Cellar Door Society is proud to operate in a unique way, with the best interests of the winery being our number one priority.



Cellar Door Society provides you with a larger audience to sell your wine. Exposure to and promotion of your brand is our core focus, and this is achieved through various marketing channels.

No intermediaries

Reduce the amount of hands between your wine and the customer. You have complete autonomy over the price you sell your wine and the wine goes direct from you to the customer. By cutting out the middleman, the profit goes to you, as it should.

Tell your story

Growing grapes and making wine is a science and we want our customers to understand what goes into making the wine they buy. Your storefront will be the bridge that connects you to your customer. It should include your story. Your passion. What your wine is all about.


We’re a growing community of wine lovers who connect over our appreciation of great wine, as well as our passion for cellar door experiences. CDS encourages our community to share their wine and cellar door experiences so your story gets told.

Direct Payments

We’ll help improve your cashflow; you get paid as soon as the sale is made. You tell us what you want to sell, and when you want to sell it. No lengthy accounts, just instant payment.


We want our CDS community to feel the passion of the winemakers and their teams by visiting their cellar door, however when they can’t get to the cellar door to experience this in person, Cellar Door Society brings it to them.

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