Welcome Wine Lovers!

We're Tim and Sophie; a couple with a shared love of wine and the cellar door experience. We created Cellar Door Society to share this joy with a community of people who are just as passionate as we are.


During our travels to cellar doors around Australia, we discovered boutique, family-owned wineries that produced some of the best wines we've tasted. However, it wasn't just the wine that left us feeling delighted, it was the open hearts of the winemakers that had us smiling. Their dedication to creating premium quality wines was evident; it was clear that they had put their hearts and souls into each vintage they shared with us. At each cellar door visit we learnt about their journey and it left us feeling inspired.

As our wine collection grew so did our desire to share our findings with other wine lovers; we wanted others to share these experiences and discover the amazing wines that these independent wineries were producing.


As we built these personal connections with the winemakers, we learned about the common challenges that many boutique wineries face. Low return on investment from selling their wine through retailers, limited resources for marketing leading to less exposure, and so many more hurdles made making wine an uphill battle for many.


We combined this knowledge with our desire to share our experiences, and Cellar Door Society was born. It made perfect sense for us to provide a platform for both winemakers and wine drinkers, bringing wine lovers together.


Family-owned, independent wineries could take back control; they could choose the wine they wanted to sell, at their chosen price, and sell to a wider audience; cutting out the middle man. And wine drinkers could discover the best wines in the country at affordable prices; bringing the cellar doors directly to them. It was a win, win in our books.


Our direct to consumer model means that the wine comes directly from the winery to the buyer's door, who pays the winery directly. This approach gives wineries a greater return on their product, and enables wine drinkers to access excellent quality wines at great prices, that they may never have discovered. Cellar Door Society is more than just an online wine shop, we're a community of passionate wine lovers. We want our members to be able to connect with others and share their experiences.


Cellar Door Society brings wine lovers together! We would love you to join us and be part of the adventure.

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